Take a few deep breaths, letting them out very slowly...as you are taking these deep breaths, let your body become very, very relaxed...and breathe in light, strength, joy and love..Breathe out all anxieties, worries, fears, and all the things which keep us apart from each other. .feel yourself become even more relaxed.     Try to feel at harmony with all in the universe.
    You do now feel a tremendous sense of relaxation sweeping over your body. You feel peaceful. You have come to a different place...You smell flowers blooming. .You are in a place where the rich scent of the earth surrounds you. This sweet, pungent smell becomes stronger; moist earth; the scent of honeysuckle, roses, wild strawberries..the aroma surrounds you, intoxicates your senses. 
There is a mist in the air and the mist becomes thicker.and out of this mist a hand reaches out from a cloud and extends to you a single disc, a gold-gleaming pentacle. You discern, carved on the glowing, gold, disc, the outline of the 5-pointed star. 
As you reach for the pentacle, you hear a voice from the mist and the cloud, a voice speaking directly to you: YOU ARE READY TO LIVE A LIFE THAT IS INWARDLY AND OUTWARDLY RICH. ALL THE RESOURCES REQUIRED TO DO SO ARE ALREADY AT HAND. GIVE YOURSELF UP TO THE FULLNESS OF THE MOMENT.
  Pick up the pentacle. The voice is fading away.the hand is disappearing behind the cloud.Watch now, while even the cloud dissolves...You hold the pentacle in your left hand. As you transfer it to your right hand, you quickly see that the pentacle has multiplied into two.

You start to juggle the golden discs. ..and as you do so, your mind wanders to all the dualities of life that you have never been able to put together..dark and light...bravery, fright.you, me...bound, free...can't-could...evil-good.eternity-time..debased-sublime
...soul-shell...heaven-hell...cups-rods..men, gods..
Can you think of a way of merging just one of these pairs into unity? (take a couple moments of silence)
  You know that you have some work to do. You put on an apron as you work at a cobbler's bench. You see a doorway in back of your workplace, and over that doorway rests 3 glowing pentacles. .and you know that these 3 pentacles stand for body, mind and spirit...as you go about your work, in a quiet way, you feel that you have affected a unity of your body, mind and spirit...whatever work you have to do, be thankful for this work..there is some situation which is demanding your steady work at this time...it might be a job that you work at for pay; it might be a personal situation that you need to work on...Identify your situation. 
  Resolve now to give this situation your everything...for you know that there is no separation between the doer and the deed..You know that only by giving everything will you also receive everything.
  Leaving the workplace, you start working down a street. The street could be any street at all in any town or any city.. Imagine you are walking down your favorite or most compelling street..Hear the sounds of the street, smell the smells of the street.
  Walking down the street toward you is a decrepit-looking person, barefooted, flimsy cape which hardly protects against the gathering wind and falling darkness..the person approaching you is leaning heavily on a crutch..Before him stands a church with 5 gold pentacles glowing in the church windows.yet, the traveler walks right by.

Further down the street, you encounter a group of figures. A tall, stunning figure of a man is giving out small gold pentacle coins to two poor persons who kneel before him. Put out your hand to this tall figure. He gives you a gift too..What is this gift? Is it too much or too little?Ask yourself if you have ever accepted just enough to keep you in your chains..indebted to a situation which limits your potential...what is your answer to yourself?
Risk! Do! Dare! Know the things in your life that are truly worthwhile..And know the things which limit...Think of one thing in your life which does limit..Is it time to cut that thing adrift?
The time has come to step forward. Not to falter. Not to fear. Not to lack.
When you know what matters in your life, embrace it.
Know that the highest task life sets for you is to realize yourself.
Know, feel, the God in you.
Reach out with love to all.
Know that every man and every woman is a star.

And now you have bridged the duality.
You are once again in a magnificent garden.
Ten pentacles are glowing on a tree. It is the Tree of Life.
You now know that true wealth has touched all levels of your life: physical, spiritual, emotional.

You are able to share your wealth with others becomes there is no separation between you and others, between you and every God of light that anyone has ever prayed to.