Past Life Regression Meditation

If you would get into a position where you can get very, very relaxed…sit in whatever position is most comfortable for you…if you want to stretch out on the floor, that is fine, just so you are very, very relaxed….any worry or anxiety, anything in your life that might be pressing into your consciousness, something that might be upsetting you, try to let these things float from your mind….take about a dozen breaths, just your usual breath,………………………………………………………….
Letting go. Letting go. Letting go of all thoughts. ………you might want to focus on the 3rd eye, the space on the lower part of your forehead—just above the bridge of your nose….with your eyelids closed, you might want to focus your gaze…and especially your attention….on this 3rd eye space…………
.....can you see in your mind’s eye, in that 3rd eye, a burning candle ?……… the candle burn, watch the flickering flame………..and go deeper, into a more relaxed frame of mind.
Can you try to envision that your body is very, very light, so light that you can hardly feel your body. So light that you could swim through the air, like the astronauts on a space walk?
Relax deeper. ……….that feeling when your body gets quiet and you are almost ready to surrender to sleep…………keep your focus on the 3rd eye—or of the spaces in back of your eyes. 
You see a set of steps going down to a lower level. Old stone steps, covered over with ivy and fern, steps that you have not walked down for a long time. Walk slowly down the steps. 10 steps. 10, 9, going down, going down, 8, going deeper, 7, 6, you’re half way there now, 5, a little further down, 4,3, deeper still, 2.One. And you’ve reached the bottom.
Still focusing on your 3rd eye, or the space just behind your eyes…and now you’ve reached a deeper level of relaxation. Maybe you hear my voice differently now, like it’s coming from a radio in the next room….
Relax. Feel safe. I would like you to bring a memory to mind…either you’re playing with other children or you’ve gone off in your room by yourself, but the main thing is this is before you went to school. . Before you had regular structure in your day…….see yourself at play. Make the memory a happy one….you might be able to recall some of your favorite toys……………try to see these toys in your mind’s eye..if you did have toys….Spend a couple of minutes revisiting this time of your life—a time before you went to school or kindergarten,…….Try to revisit happy or at least neutral things…..
Do you have any memories earlier than that?….Can you remember when you were in a crib? Think of yourself in the first house you can remember……….But do try to go back to some very early memory, one not too traumatic…..
And now you see another set of steps. These steps are more grown over than the first ones if possible.They are marble steps but the marble is chipped and cracked in many places. They seem to lead you down a tunnel, under the earth. Slowly walk down these stairs.It will take awhile because your body is still very light, almost weightless………
At the bottom of these steps is a very old door, a very ornate door, a heavy door with creaking hinges. You may choose to push open this door and enter…but before you make this choice, know that once you enter that door,
You will find yourself visiting a past life.
You have gone through the door. At first you may not be certain where you are.
Take a little time to get your bearings.
Look down at your feet. What kind of footwear do you have on your feet? Are they men’s or women’s shoes? Boots? Moccasins, barefoot, ? Look at what you are wearing. Do your clothes place you in any particular century? Do they consign you a gender? What do your hands look like?What color is their skin? Are the hands fairly smooth--or Do they look like hands that have done much hard work? Are you wearing any rings? Is there anything about your appearance or environment that suggests an occupation or a station in life?
What is your age?
Look around at your surroundings. Are you in a room, a tent, a mansion, a forest, where are you?What inanimate objects do you see in this space? What do these objects tell you about where and when you are living? 
If there are any windows, what do these windows look like?……… is the place lighted?…do you hear any sounds from the street, if a street is nearby? ,,, any sound of footsteps? ….any cries from the street? Or are you in a quiet place without sound? 
Can you pick up any scents or smells? Perhaps a strain of music.
Now think of some of the other people that have played major roles in this particular life.I will stop talking for a couple of minutes so that you can bring this lifetime into focus, as best as you can.
How are you feeling about this life? Do you like the person you are in this life? 

Did you have any special problems in this life? Any health challenges? Any problems from other people? Any problems within your own psyche? (pause)

Can you see----how this particular life might have come to an end?