Summer Solstice

 The triumphant sun
   -shines high overhead.
   21-23 June
  Litha, Midsummer.Alban Heruin. 

  The Wheel keeps turning, and now everything is at its peak. The Lord and Lady are at their personal peaks.  This is the day of longest daylight (and shortest shadows).
  The triumphant sun shines high overhead. Dusk seems never-ending. Although there is not yet a harvest, the seeds are growing. Summer solstice is a good time to commune with the fairies and sprites. Long outdoor rituals could be comfortably performed, since summer has arrived.
  Yet, there is a certain melancholy because, from this day forth, the days will get shorter. The summer solstice, in our life cycle, represents the time of maturity, adulthood, and full growth and power. This could be a time when we survey whether we have strived to reach our full potential; what further work we have to do; whether we are "stuck" as a result of some residue from our childhood that is keeping us from reaching full maturity. Some of us have encountered great trauma in childhood-abuse; severe parental neglect or rejection. We can't just repress these things. But other persons might let themselves be snagged up by a much lesser grievance, real or imagined. Summer solstice might just be the time to say okay, I'm 40 years old, my mother has been dead 20 years, I know she liked my brother better than she liked me, and that's all right because I value myself.
  June 24 is the feast of John the Baptist. The holiday was once called "St. John's Eve."

  Lammas, Lughnassad
 Date is August 1-2
 |Lammas is the first of the 3 harvest feasts. The Goddess is waxing with the pregnancy of the new God, who will be reborn on Yule. The energies of the old God begin to wane. Lammas (loaf mass) was an old English festival for baking bread.