Magickal icons have arisen as symbols of all the aspects of the Occult. Each of the icons from home page are defined and explained.
   Icons include: The ankh, the all-seeing eye, Baphomet, Chakras, Crop circles, Crowley, devil and demons, Egyptian symbols, Fairies, Kabbalah, the pentagram, pyramids, Tarot and Yin-Yang

The Ankh

The Ankh represents Physical and Eternal life. The ankh is a cross, perhaps the earliest cross. It stems back to ancient Egypt. In the Waite tarot deck, The Empress, representing woman in her earth mother mode, displays a heart cushion on which is emblazoned a prominent ankh.. 
 The ancient Egyptians-gods and kings--are often portrayed carrying the ankh, one way in which they are distinguished from all the rest of us mortals: To possess the ankh was to possess eternal life. In astrology, the ankh is the symbol for the planet Venus, a planet associated with generous, life-giving physical love. Ankh jewelry is often worn today as a statement of independent femininity.
 In ancient Egypt the loop of the ankh represented the womb; the stem, the penis. So the ankh is also a symbol for life, creation, and the necessity of both male and female energies.
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All-Seeing Eye

 This is the Eye of Horus, son of Osiris and Isis. Horus' right eye was white, representing the sun. His left was black, representing the moon. Horus' evil brother Seth tore out Horus' left eye in a fight, but Thoth restored it. Horus gave the eye to his father, who then was able to have sight in the underworld. 
 To the Egyptians, the symbol of the eye became an amulet for protection and sight in the underworld. Elaborate eyes of precious gems were placed on coffins, mummies and tombs. 
 This same eye is represented on the Great Seal of the U.S. People have always been fascinated with eyes. Throughout civilization there was (and is) a belief that some persons could cause destruction or even death by staring at a person with the "evil eye" that a sorcerer or witch might possess. However, amulets do exist to protect against the "evil eye."
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The Baphomet

The Baphomet was drawn and popularized for 19th Century occultists by Alphonse Louis Constant (aka Eliphas Levi), a Frenchman who traded his garb as Roman Catholic priest for the mantle of the occult. (1810-1875). In Levi's Baphomet we see one more androgynous figure. One arm seems male, the other female. Baphomet has breasts as well as a phallic symbol. Once more, we are given the dualities of active (forcing) and passive (receiving) energies to synthesize.
 The Baphomet has over his head the pentagram. When depicted with the one horn of the star pointing downward, we have materiality (sex, etc.) over spirituality. The Baphomet displays one white crescent moon and one dark crescent moon, much like the yin/yang (opposites to be reconciled).One arm points up, the other down (as above so below? Or, like the magician of many tarot decks, the pulling of energy from the heavens, transforming it through his body, and grounding it into the earth. Long before Levi, the Baphomet was thought to be the deity of the Knights Templar.
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The chakra system is a very well known eastern (Indian) system for raising energy and getting in touch with our Higher Selves and our God(s),
 It is through the lst chakra that energy from the earth enters the subtle energy system of the body. Here is the seat of the Kundalini, the coiled up serpent waiting to spring. It controls the horizontal section of the body from just below the buttocks to a point just above the sexual organs.

The 2nd chakra gives us the experience of deep feelings associated with physical manifestation: sexual energy, which is also the seat of creativity and the place where we experience that childlike wonder and excitement of things around us. 
The 3rd chakra, located by the solar plexis, has control over the solar plexis ganglia which plays an important part in our relationship to the world and to people, places, and things; our ability to feel something in our guts, to connect and belong and make long term intimate associations. That nervous feeling at the pit of your stomach when something big is bothering you or you feel frightened or anxious. Sometimes you don't even need a reason to feel this way. 
It is thought that love that comes through the heart (4th chakra)might not be sufficiently potent and strong enough for relationship to be sustained long term. You need strong visceral feeling --and that comes from chakra 3. 
The 4th chakra, the heart chakra, controls the physical body from the area of the collar bones to a point about 2 fingers above the solar plexis. The heart chakra is associated with compassion, healing. Green is considered a healing color. Opening the heart chakra, allows a person to sense energy fields and atmospheres. You can also project energy to another person through this center. (My heart 
goes out to you- can be almost literal.) It is through the heart center and the "3rd eye" center that a person can project rays of energy out to another person. 
5th chakra- the throat. It is associated with the element Akasa- relating to things ethereal. It controls the portion of the physical body from midpoint of the nose to the collar bones. Once activated, we become conscious of our mental body .(lower are physical, etheric and astral). By activating this chakra the person becomes aware, for the lst time, that the internal worlds are real worlds.The throat chakra also controls a person's ability to express himself or herself creatively and effectively. It gives a person the confidence to say no, to disagree without being disagreeable. 
6th chakra- the eye of wisdom. Sometimes it is identified with the pituatory gland, the master gland. The 3rd eye.In this center a person harmonizes the opposing energies, and balances the yin and yang.A person experiences himself in the fullness of the "I Am," the union of the selves.The chakra has control over seeing, not only in the physical sense but in the mystical sense. Intuitive seeing, clairvoyance and other forms of knowing e.g. in a a PARAnormal way.
7th Chakra- at the crown or just above the crown. Here we have the merging of the self with the ALL-THAT-IS.
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Crowley, Aleister

Aleister Crowley was born in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, on 12 October 1875. Crowley was a magician. At times he even admitted that it would not be inaccurate to call him a "black magician." He began his magical carrer with Golden Dawn magic and later progressed to a type of modified tantric sex magic as was associated with the higher grades of the Ordo Templi Orientis

 Aleister Crowley possibly represents the path of "high magic" carried to its extreme. Examining the life of Aleister does provide a fascinating study to a man who devoted his life to a particular path. Crowley wanted to pursue a conversation with his "holy guardian angel" and with a wide variety of gods, godesses--and even demons.It would not be an understatement that Crowley was relentless in that pursuit.
 Crowley was also one of those amazing Victorian/Edwardian characters who could only have existed in the rarified pure-species form at that particular time in history. Aleister's motto was, "Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law." He began his writings and letters with this phrase. He greeted visitors with it.
 Death had a way of tailing after Aleister, much as a swarm of bees tail after anyone with honey. Of course, people did die in those days before antibiotics and modern meds. People also committed suicide. Aleister was such a strong personality that lesser personalities gravitated to him like a magnet. Since he rarely accepted a role other than Top Dog himself, I suspect these are just the types of people that he himself wanted.
 Aleister himself died on 1 December 1947.bronchitis/pleurisy/heart failure. He had been staying at a quiet guesthouse in England. The following day his London doctor was found dead in his bathtub in Mayfair.Odd!

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Crop circles

Beautiful in their complexity and symmetry, are crop circles a hoax, a sign from extra-terrestrials, some type of electo-magnetic or microwave source, or something yet undiscovered? There is no definitive answer but they are beautiful mysteries.

Adding to the mystery is the facts that many appear suddenly overnight, strange molecular level changes in the plants that are bent over, and many people have strange physical reactions when entering the circles. There seems certainly to be energies in these circles.
 Crop circles have been appearing around the world  for 30 years -and have appeared mainly in England but in 70 other countries. Two Englishmen  Bower and Chorley stated that they were the source of all the crop circles since 1978. Maybe they were the source of some of the crop circles, but all of them in many countries? Could these men have "exploded" the nodes of the plants-the nodes are not just bent, and could anyone have produced such elaborate crop circles in very short times in many instances?  Some thought makes the possibility that all the crop circles are hoaxes very unlikely.

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  The origin of term devil is from the Greek word for diabolos (accuser or slanderer. Lucifer or Satan is head of all the demons who were once angels but were expelled from heaven because of their pride and ego. In Revelation in the bible, the antiChrist or the devil was the Great Beast associated with number 666.

 Devils can take many forms both ugly and beautiful. Traditionally, the devil is viewed as having horns and a forked tail. The tail may have come from association of a trident with a demon The idea of the horns of a devil may have come from the Islamic tradition of a horned or fertility god. The animals: serpent, goat and the dragon have been attributed as his symbols. Also the pentagram, looking downward has been seen as a diabolical symbol.  The incubus and sucubus can appear beautiful to have relations with humans but they are really demons. Also a demon may possess a human and can only be expelled through an exorcism.
  There are occult groups that worship Satan and what he represents. Alester Crowley who lived from 1875 to 1947 may have been the founder of modern Satanism, the worship of the devil, through his writings, " The Book of the Law" and "The Equinox." The Church of Satan  was  founded, by Anton S. LaVey in 1966. The movies "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Devil's Rain" are centered around devil worship.

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 The rich tapestry that was the Egyptian civilization 3,000 years ago-the pyramids,the Sphinx, the Gods and Goddesses, the rituals of the Dead and the mumification, the stories, the writing, the mystery-lives on in all of our live in these modern times and in the influence on the Occult. Ra, Osiris, Isis, Thoth, Amon, Anubis, Hathor  -the names and the myths echo through the ages.

Occultists like Aleister Crowley have explored and enriched the Egyptian mythos and magick. Egyptian images are everywhere today-on our money, in our jewelry, in our art and our writings. The mysteries of Egypt are as great a mystery as they have ever been. 
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  In the 1997 film, "Photographing Fairies", a man who suffers the loss of his bride before his wedding day, confronts the the nature of a new spiritual reality when he goes to the countryside to investigate a photograph of a girl holding a fairy in her hand. In the movie, he finds the girls and they are able to communicate with denizens that no other person sees, fairies. These fairies can cross the line from the reality of our current existence to the reality of an existence after death:

"What is absorbing about 'Photographing Fairies' is its fascinating play of ideas, one where the issue of the fairies soon blossoms out into a remarkable concept of a drug that speeds up perception, allowing the viewing of a world that exists alongside this one in which fairies are conduits into the afterlife."
 "Photographing Fairies" the movie, is based on a book about 2 girls in 1915 who were taken in photographs with tiny winged beings-the fairies- the Cottingley Fairies. These photographs are probably fakes, but spirtualists at the time like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle believed that there is a spirtitual world beyond our reality -and the messengers from that world are fairies.
 Shakespeare said, "There are more things between heaven and earth, Horatio, than ever dreamt of in your philosophy." An open mind must be behind eyes that can see into the invisible spiritual world which might just be inhabited by fairies.

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Kabbalistic Tree of Life (Qabalah, Cabala) 

 The Tree of Life is just one small part of a Jewish mysticism which existed in verbal tradition for thousands of years. Kabbalah is still an important part of esoteric Judaism. At some much more recent time, Western occultists adopted the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The great magical society in Victorian England, the Golden Dawn, had their members advance by grades which corresponded to the 10 spheres of the Tree. (These spheres are not physical places; rather they are states of consciousness.) . Levi was working with the Tree even before the GD because he is the one who placed tarot cards on the paths of the Tree.

The Tree contains 10 spheres (plus nunerous paths, leading from one sphere to the other- including hidden paths!) Each sphere has its own God-name,archangel, angel, mundane chakra (a planetary connection); possibly demons as well as angels.Each has its own color and scent. Each of the l0 spheres contains 4 worlds: These are:
Atziluth- the archetypal world. The Divine Name. Kether on the Tree. Element-Fire.
Briah -the creative world; the mental world. Archangels. Chokmah and Binah on the Tree. Element-water.
Yetzirah - Formative world. Angels Includes the spheres Chesed, Gevorah, Tipareth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod. Element- air.
Assiah -The active world. Malkuth on the Tree. Contains the "mundane chakras" i.e. the planets. Element is earth.
One thought is that God originally made an imperfect universe, so needed the Tree of Life to balance things. The Tree does contain 6 sets of polarities: e.g. Netzach (Venus; too much emotion and feeling) vs. Hod (Mercury), an ordered, scientific space where logic prevails. Chesed (Jupiter) balances Gevorah (Mars.) The first one is too generous and giving; the second can be severe and withholding.
 Binah (Saturn) balances Chokmah (the Zodiac). Chokmah is sheer uncontrolled force; Binah receives the force and orders the force into form. But once there is form, time begins to exist. And once time exists...tick, tick, know the answer to that one!

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  The pentagram (pentacle) is one of the four principal magickal symbols, the other three being the sword, the cup and the wand. Each of these symbols represents a suit in the minor arcana of the Tarot. Some tarot decks designate pentacles as "discs," stressing the concept of the wheel or cog: part of the machinery of the universe. Other decks prefer "coin." A coin, worth nothing in itself, bids its owner to make a value choice in spending the coin. Pentagrams represent the element of earth: our matter, mass, body.

A pentagram is a 5-pointed star. The element of air is at the eastern point; water, the west, fire in the south, earth in the north. The top point of the star is spirit. An inverted pentagram signifies that carnal, earthbound values trump the higher spiritual ones. A person's body, arms and legs extended outward, is a pentagram, with the head at the top as spirit. One of the most basic rituals used by the original magickians of the Golden Dawn was the banishing pentagram ritual.
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The pyramids were the housing for the Dead and the beginning of their journey to the Afterlife in Egyptian times. The Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) if one of the Wonders of the Ancient World -and of the modern world also. 
The Great Pyramid as mystery and symbol lives on today in our modern life and in the Occult. It is an important symbol for many societies like the Rosicrucians and other mystical societies. The pyramid shape itself may have power including healing power. 
The pyramid and the obelisk endure as symbols of an ancient culture and of Immortality and Immutability.
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 A tarot deck typically has 78 cards. There are 22 Major Arcana cards. These have deep archetypal meaning, portraying the life journey and initiations to be encountered as one climbs from na´ve innocence to true wisdom and magickianship.
 The rest of the deck is similar to our playing card deck, though containing much symbolism. Sixteen Court cards represent the King, Queen, Knight and Page of each of the 4 suits.

 These suits themselves are the four magickal tools, the cup, wand, pentacle and sword, corresponding to the 4 elements of water, fire, earth and air, respectively. Each suit also contains l0 numbered cards. The aces show the unfettered root element of water, fire, earth and air, progressing to the tens, which portray the full maturity of the suit, the theme of the suit carried to its logical consequence.
 The tarot cards have a connection with the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Aces have affinity with Kether on the Tree, traveling downward to the Tens. Tens relate to Malkuth, the l0th station on the Tree, the manifest world as we know it. Some decks also have astrological significators. Since there are hundreds of different decks, names and correspondences vary somewhat.

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 The Yin-Yang come to us through early Chinese philosophy.
 The yin and yang represent the principles of opposites, yet union in those opposites.

 Yang is the "male" component, encompassing the sun, creation, warmness. light, active or dominant.    Yin is the "female" complement: the moon, completion, cold, dark, passive or submissive. On the Tree of Life, Chokmah shows Yang energy; Binah, yin energy. These 2 principles should never be simply compared with the physical male and the physical female, but rather, as energy types.. As the symbol indicates, the yin and yang are joined. Each of these opposites produce the other: Their interchange is cyclical. All of the seeming polarities, which might seem like opposites at the time, are explainable with reference to the temporary dominance of one principle over the other. However, we are all one. There are no real opposites. Darkness,-Light,/Bravery,-Fright,/Love-Hate/Defamed-Sublime/Cups-Rods/Men-Gods are only mirror images of each other, and the mission of the human being is to reconcile the opposites and incorporate them as one. There is but a single principle in the universe-the Tao.
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