Magick is the study and application of psychic forces. It uses mental training, concentration, and a system of symbols to program the mind. The purpose of magick is to alter the self and the environment according to the will.
  Most of the magick we see today comes to us from ancient Egypt and Chaldea. The Chinese, Hindus, and Tibetans developed their own unique types of magick. Western magick was locked up by the Egyptian priests for thousands of years and then suppressed by the rise of Christianity. It was not until medieval Europe that magical knowledge was rediscovered by the alchemists and Cabalists. Only during the past hundred years or so has western culture been open minded enough to permit widespread investigation of the subject. Only since the start of the twentieth century has science shown much interest in it all.
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Writing 1: Ritual Magic? Ceremonial Magic? High Magic? "Magick"? What is it?

Writing 2:  The Alt.Magick Kabbalah FAQ
    -informative FAQ sheet on  from newsgroup alt.magick on Kabbalah

Writing 3:  What is Tarot? What are Tarot cards?

Writing 4:  Tarot: Pentacles by Dorian B

Writing 5:  The Seven Major Chakras  

Writing 6: The Emerald Table of Hermes Trismegistus by Marakay

Writing 7: An Expurgated History of Magickians and Magickal Orders

Writing 8: Aleister Crowley-A Magickian for All Times

Writing 9:  Oscar Wilde An Occult Connection?

Writing 10: The Forgotten Mage -Colonel Seymour

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