Don't just read but visualize each meditation for maximal benefit.

1.. Meditation on Pentacles

This meditation leads you through many of the pentacles minor arcana cards of the Ryder Waite deck. Pentacles (or discs or coins) deal with the concrete everyday things of life that are important to all of us: living our lives on the physical plane; work (for pay or for pleasure); money--not getting rich, but having at least enough legal tender to "keep our show running." And--sharing what we have with others. The meditation challenges you to know which things in your life are really worthwhile.

II. The Magician in the Garden

The Magician meditation lets you confront the tarot card magician in a quiet, cool garden at sunset. Be reminded also that we are all part magician ourselves. We can speak with this magician and receive an answer to our questions. If you prefer, you can approach the magician not as an archetypal masculine figure, but as the Goddess.

III. Past Life Regression Meditation

This meditation gives you a vehicle for exploration of a past life. You do not need to believe in reincarnation hook, line and sinker to work in this modality. The least you need to believe is that somewhere, deep inside yourself, is an aspect of your personality which is crying out for expression and which will assist you with self-integration.  

IV. Climbing the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life meditation is a visualization on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The access to the Tree in this meditation begins at Malkuth, the sphere or sephiroth that corresponds to the world in which we live and feel and have our being. We travel up the Middle Pillar. Although no living being can reach Kether (unity with all that is, in the oneness of every God/Goddess of Light), we can see its glimmer far above. We experience certain tarot cards along the paths that we climb. (Eliphas Levy originally placed the major arcana of the Tarot along the paths of the Tree of Life; other students have other interpretations of which card belongs where).

V - Meditation on Cups

A cup is a receptacle, something which not only catches the nourishing fluid but reshapes it into the form of the cup itself. Whether it is water, wine, blood, or the flow of ideas and energy, we need these things to be harnessed into a manageable shape. The cup is that tool which gives us the shape.
In vernacular speech, cups are much prized. We award loving cups. We win cups in sports. We drink toasts and we drink to show our trust. In the minor arcana of the tarot, cups are generally good, although admittedly some of the "cups" that we get handed in life are bitter. This meditation beckons you to go after the "cups" of new experience that the fullness of life has to offer.

VI.  To Dream a Dream

Many of our dreams are archetypal since we all are humans who share similar hopes, joys and fears. Carl Jung saw this clearly. Dreams of being attacked, of a journey by water, of fire, of a house, and other dreams are shared by all.


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